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Fighting The Dreaded Diet Headache

headache girlDieting can be an exhaustive, frustrating and sometimes even painful struggle.

With so many different diet plans, diet meals and dieting shows on the market, an individual can can be completely overwhelmed with trying to find the ideal diet for you.

It is a proven fact that most diets fail within the first 2 weeks. Although there are many reasons why a diet may fail, whether it is lack of willpower, lack of support, or financial restraints, the #1 diet killer is the so called “diet headache”.

There are many reasons why a headache can be triggered during dieting, but it is an absolute fact, that simply most folks cannot handle the pain and inconvenience of a headache, especially those headaches that are border-line migraines. A few of those reasons could be the cut-back or the elimination of caffeine, lack of water, lack of nutrients in the system, and many other different factors.

We will try to help those with this situation with some tips, ideas or links to helpful information to help resolving this eternal diet struggle. This site is not designed to try and sell some “gimmicky” diet plan, or promote a bunch of dieting products. It is simply to try and give direction to those who are struggling with their own diet demons.

Please read the articles, check out some links, and by all means share any useful information you may have with your own diet headache experiences or struggles.


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